About Us

Us?  Well… me.

I started learning how to build websites in 1968.


LouMy junior year in high school, I joined the staff of the school newspaper and yearbook, and another student who worked part time at the home town newspaper taught me how to take pictures and run a darkroom.  I was hooked.

The process of capturing a moment in time from a single perspective chosen from an infinite array of possibilities and crafting an image and a story that makes an impact… stimulates a thought… provokes a response… what a joyous experience!  I was fortunate to be able to continue in photography and student publications throughout my college days.

When I began my career as a civil engineer and then transitioned into sales and marketing, I continued photography as a hobby, but didn’t have an editor handing me assignments.

Fast Forward


The scary part here… the guy with the bushy grey sideburns and the 40 pound computer with no hard drive was the poster boy for “Cool”….


Really fast.  And really forward.  I got my first PC from Radio Shack in 1982 and can still remember the thrill of hearing the dial-up connect to AOL and the guy from Ohio saying ‘You’ve got Mail!’.

I remember when digital cameras were invented, expensive novelties that took really bad pictures.  I remember when you had to be a really big company with thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on programmers and graphic designers in order to have a website that took a couple of minutes to show up ugly on a dial-up connection.

But about ten years ago, when it became possible to do really good work with a digital camera, I decided it was time to catch up.

 But building good quality websites still took software that made absolutely no sense to me, even though by this time in my interesting career I had sold over 3000 cars, trucks, and motorcycles on the Internet, with the help of eBay and a good digital camera.




…turns butchers into surgeons.


Life must be pretty boring for people who think they already know all they need to know.  Late in 2012, I discovered WordPress and it was like the day I developed my first black and white print.  I was hooked.  This site and every site in my portfolio was built on WordPress, and literally every day I learn something new that I can do to create a better website.  I gotta admit it.  It’s fun.

I had a client ask me a lot of questions about what I could do on a website.  Can you put in a video?  Can you put in an opt-in box for my newsletter?  Can you make it so I can add my own content without having to call you?  Can you make it work on a mobile phone?

“I can do anything
except give it a fragrance.”

Enough about me.  I look forward to talking about YOU, and how I can help you tell your story.