Web Presence

Your online presence is
commercial property. 

The decision to NOT actively manage your web presence is an extraordinarily expensive error in judgement.

If properly managed, it makes money and helps your business.
If not, it costs money and hurts your business.


Yes, we build websites and mobile websites.
But before you go jumping into anything, do some homework.


placesIn the early days of the Internet, your only piece of virtual property was your website.  But now?

  1. Your website
  2. Your business listing in hundreds of online directories (and you didn’t put it there…)
  3. Your Facebook page
  4. Your Google+ Listing and reviews
  5. Your Youtube channel
  6. Your Twitter identity
  7. Your LinkedIn profile
  8. Your Pinterest portfolio
  9. Your Yahoo listing and reviews
  10. Reviews on dozens of review sites (are you reading them all?)
  11. Tagged photos in Google image searches
  12. Links to your website from other websites
  13. Forum posts about you
  14. Articles about you
  15. Press releases about you
  16. Tumblr, Hubpages, Weebly, Squidoo…. it just goes on and on.

Just do a Google search for your business name, in quotations, followed by the word ‘in’ and the name of your city.

Jericho Nursery in Albuquerque illustration of  Google Image search.


For example a search for one of my clients, “Jericho Nursery” in Albuquerque produced 48 pages of listings!


So.  What do you DO about all this?

Well, suppose you had just inherited dozens of
pieces of real estate from a rich uncle. 


Would you be too busy to deal with it?
Would you assume it is all being taken care of by somebody, somewhere?


Or, would you want to gather information about each property?  Make sure that all the public records are up to date?  Make sure that each property is in good condition and properly secure?  Maybe get rid of some?  Maybe develop some?  Would you have the time or expertise to do all this yourself, or would you hire some help?